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Benefits of massage

Massage therapy works deep in the muscles, realigning the muscle fibres and connective tissue helping to increase vascularisation, which in turn facilitates the body’s natural healing process.

Treatment offers a profound level of relaxation, both physical and mental.

​Massage can be used to treat a range of conditions.If any of the following relate to you massage can help:

Muscular pains | Aching, stiff joints | An injury that’s not getting better |Stress 


"A regular gym-goer, I have been having weekly massages with Sally for several months now and the difference she has made to my physical and mental wellbeing is enormous. Sally is warm and welcoming as well as clearly expert and I felt immediately at ease in her lovely and comfortable treatment room. Her massages are gentle but firm, always respectful and responsive to my moods and my body’s requirements. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

A. M

Sally has helped me get back to my fitness goals by fixing strains, aches and pains I have had, along with advise to prevent injuries. She is a great listener, friendly and her workspace is fab and I feel 100% safe and at ease there. 

I. S 

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