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 Sports Massage
Injury and Rehabilitation 

Sports Massage

Sports massage uses a range of techniques to address specific issues whether caused by a sports injury or more general wear and tear on the body. I use my knowledge as a trained Sports and Remedial massage therapist to asses and treat. 

Sports Injury 

A recent acute injury (after the initial inflammatory stage has passed, usually 2 days) or an injury that’s not getting better 


Work related injury

Do you finish the day with pain in your back, neck or wrists? 

Do you have a physically demanding job, life?

Off work through back pain or repetitive strain injury?  


Activity related 

Involved in sport activity ? 

Training hard? 

Sore muscles during or after exercise? 

Is an injury preventing you from exercising? 

Recently taken up or returned to physical activity? 

As part of this assessment you may be asked to do some simple stretches or exercises to help identify possible causes of your condition. After the treatment I will recommend home care advice, this may include specific exercises .

Monthly MOT

If you are an active person and want to remain doing what you love why not have a monthly MOT massage. This will ensure that your muscle fibres are aligned, will help reduce the build up of scar tissue, will pick up any issues early on and address them and will keep you moving. Book either a block booking or sign up for membership.

"Went to see Sally after injuring my shoulder. I'd never had a massage before so I was a bit apprehensive but Sally put me at ease. She listened carefully and understandingly as I described my issue and explained what she thought the problem might be and how she would work on it. I noticed an improvement after my first session and have been back multiple times since, seeing more improvement each time to the point where my discomfort has been almost completely resolved. Looking forward to going back soon for a relaxation massage" 

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