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Holistic Facial 

Holistic Facial

A holistic facial has many benefits that are more than skin deep. It combines the techniques of a traditional facial with the therapeutic effects of holistic massage, and most importantly, takes the whole person into consideration in a treatment.


Instead of using invasive procedures, chemicals and machines, a holistic facial focuses on a variety of massage techniques to increase circulation, remove toxins and stimulate the production of collagen - keeping the skin looking young and healthy. It’s also great for releasing tension, headaches, sinus congestion and anxiety. Holistic facial  massage helps to nourish, rejuvenate and improve the overall appearance of the skin. 


A relaxing treatment tailored specifically for your skin’s needs. The full treatment begins with a brief consultation to discuss your current skincare routine, skin concerns and goals. The treatment will include: cleanse, tone, natural clay treatment mask and massage for the face, neck, décolleté, shoulders, arms, hands and scalp. Or add on a 30 minute facial massage to your usual body treatment. (massage only) 

1hr Holistic Facial £50.00 (cleanse, tone, treatment mask, massage 

30 minute facial £30.00 (massage only) 

Why not choose an Ultimate Wellbeing and Relaxation Treatment and combine a body massage with a holistic facial.


60mins Treatment : 30mins deep tissue back massage, arms , neck and shoulder massage + 30mins facial massage: £50


90 mins Treatment : With a 1hr full body massage + a 30mins facial massage £70

OR 30 mins back arms, neck and shoulder massage and 1hr full holistic facial (cleanse, tone, mask, massage) 


120mins Treatment: £90

1hr full body massage + 1h full holistic facial (cleanse, tone, mask, massage) 

There are numerous benefits of holistic facials here are 10: 


1. Reduce Stress And Relieve Psychological Distress:

Regular facials and massage are helpful in activating the nervous system by pressing specific pressure points. This is beneficial in reducing anxiety and in mood uplifting.


2. Deep Cleaning:

Facials helps in thorough cleansing of the face by cleaning up the pores and exfoliating by removing dead skin.


3. Skin Rejuvenation:

Skin facials is useful in helping the skin regain its lustre and for rejuvenation of the skin. It also helps in making the texture of the skin better.


4. Slow The Aging Process:

If regular skin care routine and facial is followed, then it can help redevelop collagen. Regular face massage helps in boosting regeneration of skin cells. Thus the skin looks much younger.


5. Improved Circulation:

Facial helps in improving blood circulation and helps in providing more nutrients and oxygen to the skin.


6. Facials Help Detoxify The Skin:

Regular facial can help in helping the skin get rid of waste that accumulates over days and weeks.

7. Open Up All The Pores:

Exposure to pollutants can clog the skin pores and this does not let your skin breathe. Facials help in opening these skin pores and in removing dead skin that is helpful in treating skin issues like acne.


8. Relieve tension, headaches and sinus pressure

Activating the nervous system by pressing specific pressure points and relieving pressure. 

9.Tighten Your Skin:

Facials help in the regeneration of collagen tissues in the skin which helps in tightening skin and visibly reduce skin age


10. Help reduce under Eye Bags And Dark Circles:

The under eye skin is very sensitive and it is important to take care of this skin through regular massage and facials.


"It was so great to experience the way Sally worked on my back, going deep and intuitively loosening any knots and leaving me completely relaxed and almost pain free. I have a long standing issue with my neck and the pains shooting down my arms and the massage has definitely helped me to sleep better. Sally is also very warm but lets you enjoy your massage without much chatting and plays lovely soothing music. I will be back!"

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